Hazel's Gallery, 2007

This page contains Hazel's gallery stuff from 2007.
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Xmas Makings
26 December 2007

Hazel made Christmas presents for all of us this year.  Daddy got a Christmas tree, mummy a chocolate fountain and Leo a car.

Xmas 2007 presents: daddy got a Christmas tree, mummy a chocolate fountain and Leo a car 

Gods Of Peace
27 November 2007

For some time Hazel has been doing a PowerPoint presentation about a group of gods: the Gods Of Peace.  Click on the picture below to view it.  You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view the show (we tried many different web converters but none of them worked satisfactorily).

Gods Of peace

Flyin' Free
11 November 2007

A new song.  Click on the song sheet below to hear it.

Flyin' Free

4 November 2007

This weekend we visited some friends who live beside The Medway in Rochester.  While Leo drew his Horror James series, Hazel decided to draw The Medway (as she had forgotten to take her camera).

The Medway

Livin' Da Dream
27 October 2007

This week Hazel got a full-size guitar with all metal strings to replace her old three-quarter-size guitar.  Click the image below to hear here playing a song she created many months ago (at one of her friend Robyn's clubs) on the new instrument.

Livin' Da Dream 

First Prize for Garden, Food, Well Everything Really
26 October 2007

Hazel made mummy a very colourful 3D garden podium for her birthday.

Garden podium

Hazel & Leo's Comic Adventures
25 October 2007

For the last two months Hazel has been slowly working on an A5-size comic: Hazel & Leo's Comic Adventures.  She only works on it when we go out to a pub or a meal or something: it keeps her occupied in the boring bits.  She finished it today.  It features Leo The Capturer, Princess Hazel and a host of baddies in the five stories then ends with a puzzle page.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Page 4 Page 5 Page 6
Page 7 Page 8 Page 9
Page 10 Page 11

Birthday Animation
10 October 2007

Hazel made an animation for daddy's birthday.  It's all about his decision to shave off his beard and wear contact lenses a few months ago.  Double-click on the triangle in the middle of the image below to see it.

First Finished Film
5 October 2007

Hazel has finished her first animated film: Super Bat Learns To Fly.   Double-click on the triangle in the middle of the picture below to see it.

22 August 2007

Hazel has been playing with a 2D animation package called Plastic Animation Paper.  Here is her first full experiment.

 Hazel Splash

17 August 2007

Hazel has appeared in a children's book on how to keep lizards.  See it on Norman's page here

Catapult And Arrow
13 August 2007

One day during the holidays Leo decided to make himself a catapult; Hazel followed up with an arrow.

Hazel's arrow

And lo, the catapult and arrow was born.

Catapult and arrow

Welcome Back
4 August 2007

Daddy has been on a two-week trip to Austin Texas with work.  Hazel and Leo both made welcome cards for him on his return, which he very much appreciated.  Hazel's card features a crashing plane from which daddy is escaping via parachute.

Hazel's welcome card, showing a crashing plane and daddy escaping via parachute
Hazel's welcome card for daddy: they'd been missing the Saturday morning bath chant

Slower Tempo
21 July 2007

Daddy had not quite realised how many songs Hazel's been generating.  Here are another three, all of a slower tempo.  We will update this entry with song sheets later.

 Break Up Give Me A Chance Seasons 

More Songs
2 July 2007

Hazel has written four songs since we last updated this page.  Here they are behind their original composition-sheet (possibly a little out of date with respect to the words sung in each case).  Click on a song sheet to hear a recording of the song.  Hazel got to perform Unlucky in her year five school concert.

Love Potion Breadn Booter Poodn
Castle Song

Father's Day
17 June 2007

Hazel made daddy a rather nice game of Wii tennis for Father's Day.  On the one side of the TV it shows the old daddy (with beard and glasses) and, on the other side of the TV, in front of the couch, the new-look daddy (no beard, no glasses, stripy shirt).  A most poetic representation.

Hazel's Father's Day present

26 April 2007

Hazel made Leo a toy Dalek for his birthday.  It has little doors in the middle through which you can see the Dalek itself.

Hazel's Dalek with doors open showing the creature inside

Which Pet Should I Get?
21 April 2007

This is the second of Hazel's picture books, this time created with Lucy.  Click on the image below for the complete story. 

Which Pet Should I Get?

Midnight Murder
31 March 2007

Working with friends Kaelan and Ashwyn Spicer, Hazel has set up Meades & Spicer Productions.  Together they have produced three episodes of Midnight Murder.  Each episode is about one minute long and they are very much what it says on the tin.  Click on the logo below to view them

 Meades and Spicer Productions: Midnight Murder episodes 1, 2 and 3

Circle Of Life
10 March 2007

Hazel has a plan for a song called Circle Of Life.  So far it's just a piano tune, but she plans to add words (to be sung with Charlotte) and a guitar accompaniment.  Here's just the tune for now.

Circle Of Life

Camping In The Dark
9 March 2007

Hazel has begun creating small (5 cm by 3 cm),  rather intricate picture books with various of her friends.  They share the creation of the book, taking it home on alternate days with each person adding a page or two.  She has completed her first with Charlotte and continues to create books with Lucy and Robyn. Charlotte and Hazel have spent just under 4 months working on this tome, so it has also become a little battered in the process.  It is about a girl who gets lost in the woods while camping in the dark after losing her map.  Click on the image below for the complete story. 

Camping In The Dark

Puppy Power, The Movie
21 February 2007

Following-on from the hit TV series Puppy Power, Hazel has made her first full length Puppy Power film.  It's just under 19 minutes long, so not for the faint hearted.  Click on the picture below if you'd like to see it.

Puppy Power - The Movie

12 February 2007

Hazel was inspired by the brochures we had used in Disney World and a session at school on brochure design.  She decided to make a brochure of her own for Horrorville, all foldable and everything.

 Horrorville brochure

 Front Inside  

Fishy Tile
12 February 2007

At late play club on Friday Hazel made a fishy-tile (using glazing paints on a white tile).

The fish floating around on its tile

Puppy Power
8 February 2007

Hazel and Leo have begun making small videos with a very very cheap kids video camera.  Here is their first: click on the picture below to view the opening sequence of the hit TV series Puppy Power.

Puppy Power - the opening sequence to each episode

House For Blobs
4 February 2007

Hazel has made a house for her blobs, blobs which have replaced the little people we left behind holidaying in Disney World. It includes a living/dining area (with table and sofa) and a front room with stairs up to the sleep quarters.

The House Living/dining area with table
Front room with stairs up to sleeping quarters The sleeping blobs 

28 January 2007

Hazel has been accumulating songs over the last several months, three of which we thought worth publishing here.  The first uses the words of Sarah's Love Poem, the others are various of Hazel's earlier poems set to music.

Sarah's Love Poem The Mermaid's Song One, Two, Three

Mr Green
27 January 2007

From bath-time this morning, Mr Green.

Mr Green

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